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Newsagency POS Software - Subagents

Newsagency POS Software - Subagents

Access POS offers a comprehensive newspaper and or magazine Subagents software module that can either be purchased as standalone or fully integrated into our Newsagency POS Software. This allows a newsagent to manage their subagents accounts.

The Newsagency Subagents Software module streamlines your day to day transactions with your subagents; which includes adjusting standing orders, processing daily runs, applying any returns or extras and issuing invoices etc. Access POS has developed the Subagents module so it mimics, where possible, the terminology, screen layout and routine of the Home Delivery Software module. This promotes greater user satisfaction amongst your current staff and faster training of new staff.

Some of the other great features include:

  • Subagent discounts can either be set as "across the board" or per individual product category. eg. Newspapers 10% and Magazines 12.5%
  • Credit limits and daily delivery fees can be set
  • Daily run processing provides you with delivery slips and overall wrap lists
  • Delivery Sequence numbers can be set (This is useful for newsagents with a large number of subagents)
  • Easy extras processing for both newspapers and magazines (Delivery slips can then be reprinted)
  • Automatic charging and posting of magazines as they are processed through either Manual Magazines In or Electronic Magazines (XchangeIT)
  • Stop / Starts can be applied by individual subagent and or by publication
  • Returns are easily processed as 'back to shop or supplier' utilising a barcode scanner
  • In an industry first, a Portable Data Entry (PDE) scanner can be utilised to process returns as they are being collected off-site
  • Comprehensive weekly invoices can either be printed or emailed which show all standing order items, extras and returns
  • Previous weekly invoices are archived for later reprint etc if required

Software License & Support

You can purchase the Subagents Software as either standalone or fully integrated into Newsagency POS Software.

If purchasing the Subagents Software as stand-alone, it is licensed by the number of computers in which it is to be installed. Hence, when ordering, the quantity needs to represent the total number of computers in which it is to be installed. ie. POS Computers / Terminals & Back Office (Administration) Computers.

If purchasing the Subagents Software as an integration to the Newsagency POS Software then you need to purchase the same number of Subagents Software licenses as the number of computers you are licensed for the Newsagency POS Software. ie. if you are licensed for four (4) computers then you would need to purchase four (4) Subagents Software licenses.

The pricing below includes the first 12 months Software License & Support plus installation services and training. Training time is not limited as it is covered under the Software License & Support agreement.

Availability In Stock - Ships Immediately
Our Price: $ 300.00 (ex. GST)

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Newsagency POS Software - Subagents Menu Newsagency POS Software - Subagents Reports Menu
Tower Systems Newsagency POS Software users Switch to Access POS
Tower Systems Newsagency POS Software users Switch to Access POS
Category: News
Author: Geoff
Posted: 24/04/2012 09:45:00
Synopsis: Tower Systems Newsagency POS Software users are upgrading their computer POS Systems to the up-to-date Access POS Newsagency POS System.
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