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Stocktake Scanner

Stocktake Scanner

The portable stocktake scanner is a small portable unit that greatly enhances the efficiency of the stocktake process.

Stocktaking is performed by scanning an item off the shelf (or shelf label) then entering a count quantity. You can also manually enter product I.D's for out of stock items as well as retail pricing. Data is then uploaded to your computer in a fixed length text file format. The data can then be imported into your POS Software which inturn updates your stock-on-hand figures.

The stocktake scanner has a seamless interface with the Access POS Software: Retail Manager POS Software & Newsagency POS Software.

The same portable scanner unit can also be used as a mobile POS terminal (sales data capture device). This is especially handy for large retail stores as you can walk the customer around the store entering / scanning sale items as you go for later upload into the Access POS Software.

Additional features for Newsagents:

In an industry first, Access POS has also incorporated magazine return functionality into the portable scanner unit. This allows you to scan back magazines as returns without the need to move magazine stock to a back office computer for processing. Sub-agent returns can also be processed using the portable scanner unit at the sub-agents store.

The following items are included with the Stocktake Scanner:

  • USB interface cable for computer connection
  • Internal software developed by Access POS that is installed into the Stocktake Scanner prior to delivery
  • For previous models, Denso BHT-8044D & BHT-900-ST1 users, we can convert your *.PD3 file to the new *.PD4 file
Part #: DEBHT1505B
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Stocktake Barcode Scanner
  • This product comes with a 12 month warranty which covers both parts and labour.
  • Any warranty enquiries can be directed to Access POS Pty Ltd. We do not refer you to third parties.
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