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Retail POS Systems Fashion, Footwear, Multi-Store Retail POS Systems Restaurant POS Systems Newsagency POS Systems
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Convenience Store POS Systems Toy & Games Store POS Systems Discount & Variety Store POS Systems Gift & Homewares POS Systems

What is POS?

POS is an abbreviation for "Point of Sale".

What is a Point of Sale System?

A sophisticated, computerised, cash register system made up of computer related hardware and software. It may take the form of a single computer and POS Software with attached POS hardware eg. POS Printers, Cash Drawers, Barcode Scanners, Scales etc or it may comprise of hundreds of computerised POS terminals all connected covering a vast network and area.

History of POS

Up until the late 1980's, early 1990's most retail businesses used cash registers to record sales, temporarily store cash and perform daily, weekly or monthly reporting. Although the traditional cash register is a robust piece of equipment it lacks the storage capacity, connectivity and flexibility of the modern day POS System. As computers became more affordable and education levels in computing increased, retail businesses began to take advantage of the huge benefits a POS System can make when running a business in todays increasingly competitive world. Australia, in particular, saw a huge conversion from the traditional cash register in the year 2000, due to the highly publicised "Y2K Bug" and the introduction of the GST (Goods and Services Tax).

Access POS

Although Access POS is primarily a POS Software developer, it can better be described as a complete Point of Sale Solutions provider, meaning that it provides its' customers with POS Software, POS Hardware, Installation and Training Services and ongoing POS System support.

Access POS develops its' own branded POS Software specifically designed for General Retail, Gift, Convenience & Fruit & Vegetable Stores known as "Retail Manager Software" and Newsagencies, known as "Newsagency POS Software". Access POS is also an authorised Australian distributor for the world renowned "Aloha POS" Hospitality Software which covers both Table and Quick Service establishments and Counter Intelligence POS Software which is targeted at the multi retail store owner as well as specific industry types such as; Fashion, Footwear, Apparel, Shoe, Homewears, Gift, Jewellery, Merchandising and other retail stores that may incorporate clothing. eg. swimwear, sports stores, etc.

Retail Manager POS Software is designed for the small to medium sized general retailer, in particular: Gift Stores, Convenience and small Supermarkets, Variety and Discount Stores, tobacconists etc. Retail Manager also has specific features for the Fruit and Vegetable and other Produce stores. These mainly relate to scale interface, the ability to read 'Price Embedded Barcodes' and combo selling features.

Newsagency POS Software is designed for the newsagency industry. Access POS has a long history serving newsagents and has "state of the art" POS Software to dramatically streamline the many day to day processes that newsagents encounter. Software modules include: POS, Stock Control, Home Deliveries, Subagents, Magazine Management, OfficeSmart, Customer Loyalty, EFTPOS interface, Industry supplier interfaces and more.

Aloha POS Software is a world leading brand that is targeted to the hospitality industry. Aloha POS has two core products. Aloha Table Service for restaurants, cafes and other table service establishments and Aloha Quick Service for fast moving, over the counter, styled establishments. eg. Fast Food, Bars, Coffee Stores etc. Aloha POS is a very scalable product which is just as suitable for small outlets as well as the largest hospitality establishments that Australia can offer.

Counter Intelligence POS Software is targeted at the multi-store owner who requires head office administrative control with up-to-date sales and inventory information. Although having said that, Counter Intelligence has some very specialised features that especially benefit certain industry types no matter whether they have a single store or a vast enterprise of stores.

Retail stores that commonly benefit from the Counter Intelligence POS System include: Mens, Womens & Childrens / Babywear Fashion Stores, Footwear / Shoe Stores, Clothing / Apparel Stores, Merchandising, Swimwear, Sports Stores, Lingerie, Jewellery Store, Gift, Homewears, Furniture Stores, Garden Centres / Plant Nursery and more.


Tablet POS System - Package A (Retail, Cafe, Restaurant & Hospitality)
On Sale Special Offer - MASSIVE DISCOUNT. Includes Initial Setup & 12 Months Support
The Tablet POS System - "Package A" includes the following:
    POS (Front Counter) Configuration
  • Tablet PC 15" with Microsoft Windows 10
  • Tablet PC Stand
  • Thermal POS Receipt Printer
  • Cash Drawer - Standard Size
    Software and other items included
  • Retail Manager POS Software
  • Twelve (12) months telephone & remote login software support
  • System Configuration & General Set-up prior to delivery

Ideal for a very wide variety of business types: Café, Restaurant, Fast Food, Bar, Juice Bar etc. Almost any hospitality or retail store environment can be catered for.

Our Price: $3,690.00 $ 1,990.00 (ex. GST) On SaleOn Sale