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About Us

Access POS Pty Ltd – how it all began.

Geoffrey Stott – third generation in the Cash Register & Point of Sale (POS) Systems industry and owner of Access POS Pty Ltd. POS Software development and POS Systems provider.

Father - exclusive importer of Aster Cash Registers to Australia from Japan

Grandfather – exclusive importer of Gross Cash Registers to Australia from the England

Geoffrey started in the cash register industry in 1986 whilst attending a Sydney University doing a Business degree. Whilst studying fulltime, there was still plenty of time in the day for Geoffrey to start his own business selling cash registers, paper rolls and ink ribbons & cassettes.

After finishing University, Geoffrey joined his father’s company selling the “Aster” branded cash registers. After Aster ceased manufacturing cash registers the main brands sold were Casio, Sharp & Fujitsu General. Geoffrey was one of Australia’s leading salesmen of Casio Cash Registers at the time. Geoffrey worked in his father’s company until December 2001.

Access POS Pty Ltd was incorporated on 18 December 2001. Geoffrey Stott is the sole share holder. The main purpose of incorporating Access POS was to purchase the goodwill, fixtures and fittings and other assets (the Business) of Access Business Machines Pty Ltd.

Access Business Machines was incorporated on 20 January 1987 and was a leading cash register company in Sydney. The then owner, Mr. Paul Murphy, was an ex employee of Geoffrey’s fathers Cash Register Company for 20 years before he established Access Business Machines.

Access Business Machines was a major Casio Cash Register dealer. In later years, leading up the sale of the business in late 2001 to Access POS Pty Ltd, Paul developed his own computer based POS system and POS Software which was targeted at the Newagency industry. Access Business Machines was very successful in supplying these POS Systems.

Access POS completed the purchase of Access Business Machines on 1 February 2002. The business was located on Victoria Road, Rozelle NSW.

Access POS continued to sell and support POS Systems for newsagencies. Over the years Access POS expanded the geographic range of our Newsagency customer base to cover all States & Territories of Australia. The now, Access POS developed Retail POS Software, was customised for many other Retail vertical markets.

Access POS introduced other leading POS Software products, NCR Aloha POS which is a world leading Restaurant and Quick Service POS Software. Counter Intelligence POS Software was also introduced. This software is targeted at multi-store retailers, shoe and fashion stores.

In late 2004, Geoffrey purchased a building at 95 Pittwater Road, Hunters Hill NSW. Access POS subsequently moved into these premises and remains to present date.

Access POS has customers covering almost every sector of the retail market place and spread across every State and Territory of Australia including all Capital cities and some very remotely located customers. eg. Aboriginal Communities on Cattle Stations and on the Tiwi Islands. Access POS has also developed a large amount of business in Papua New Guinea (PNG). These customers mainly consist of Supermarket / Convenience Stores. Access POS has similar customers in Nauru, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Vanuatu, Noumea and Samoa.

POS System Cash Registers in Papua New Guinea

Grocery Store & Supermarket POS Cash Register Papua New Guinea

Nauru Government selects Access POS for Nauru Post

Cash Register Sales in Tonga, Papua New Guinea (PNG), Fiji and Vanuatu

Access POS continues to offer a diversified range of Point of Sale equipment and software. POS Systems for General Retail, Restaurant (Hospitality) and Newsagency. Cash Registers, Retail Weighing Scales including Label Printing Scales. Consumables including POS & Cash Register Receipt Paper Rolls, Stock & Scale Labels and Ink Ribbons & Cassettes.

The antique NCR Cash Register shown below was traded in by Geoffrey's father. It is currently displayed in the foyer area of the offices of Access POS. It is predominantly made from Brass, Marble, Timber and Glass and is fully functionable. NCR stands for National Cash Register. NCR is today listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).


Solid Brass Antique NCR Cash Register

The Guarantee Certificate is fixed to the underside of the cash drawer. You can see that this cash register was manufacturered by NCR in Dayton, Ohio. USA and has a serial number of 481220. It was sold on 12 October 1916 by NCR Sydney Australia. A two year guarantee period was provided.

The guarantee terms written on the certificate are as follows:

"We hereby warrant this register to be mechanically correct. Should the register get out of order from ordinary use any time within two years of the above date, we agree to repair it free of charge, provided:

1. That no alterations or additions have been made to the machine except by us or our authorized representative.

2. That you send it to our factory or to our nearest agency having a repairman, transportation charges both ways on the register to be paid by you. However, should you desire the services of our mechanic at your place of business instead of sending the register to our agency or factory, you are to pay the cost of said mechanic's journey to and from your place of business."

Solid Brass Antique NCR Cash Register warranty certificate

If you are interested in reading more about the history and evolution of the Cash Register, use the following link to Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cash_register