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Customer Support Login

Customer Support Login

The Access POS Customer Support Login Facility contains technical help documents to assist users of the Access POS Software.

The Access POS Software has an in-built login feature which enables users to bypass this password login screen. From the main menu of the Access POS Software: Utilities / Access POS Online / Access POS - Online Help.

Otherwise: Please enter the password provided and press the Login button. If you require a password, please use the Contact Us page to request one. (Eligible customers only)


Access POS is a total POS Solutions provider, meaning that it provides customers with POS Software, POS Hardware, Installation and Training Services and ongoing POS System support. Point of Sale Systems and Cash Registers supplied by Access POS come with a one year warranty on all hardware and software support. Software license and support agreements are provided after the initial year.Access POS Cash Register and Point of Sale Support

Access POS has POS Systems installed all over Australia. With modern technology and Internet access, our support level is no different between a customer that is 5km from us to one that is 4000km away. Support is primarily done via a secure Internet connection. The usual procedure is as follows: Our customer contacts us via telephone or email with a question or support related issue. If the question or issue requires remote system access, then our our support representative can quickly login to your POS System to resolve the issue.



 Access POS Remote Support

Remote Support

Remote Login is the primary support tool used at Access POS. It allows our support staff to view your computer screen as if they were sitting beside you. Software upgrades are also performed via remote access.


Email Support

Email support is available 24 Hours a day and is an inbuilt feature in the Access POS Software. Your business name, address, software modules used and version are automatically included in the email body allowing for efficient response.

Access POS On-Site Support

On-Site Support

As required, our qualified technicians can be deployed to your premises to resolve software, computer and network issues.

 Access POS Phone Support

Phone Support

Access POS employs highly trained staff dedicated to telephone support. Once a team member has been assigned the responsibility to resolve your issue, that same person can use our remote access tools, if required, to make sure it is completed to your satisfaction.

 Access POS Web Support

Web Support

Our customers can access technical and instruction documents stored on-line via a link within the Access POS Software. This ensures our customers are kept up to date with the latest developments and features as well as simple 'How to do' instruction sheets that cover each software module.

 Access POS Training


Training is provided to every customer that purchases a POS System. Initial setup and configuration is normally done prior to delivery and installation, allowing more time to be spent on training yourself or key personnel on getting the most out of the system. Further training sessions can be organised at any time, by either; telephone, remote access or an on-site visit.

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