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Retail POS Software - Lay-By

Retail POS Software - Lay-By

A comprehensive retail Lay-By Software that can either be integrated with Retail POS Software or used stand-alone. In todays competitive retail environment, offering a point of difference is often vital in your attempts to attract new customers. Offering your customers a Lay-By service could just be that point of difference that makes a difference!

Retail POS Software offers a comprehensive Lay-By module that will enable you to confidently process and manage your Lay-By customers. Lay-By deposit %, Cancellation %, Lay-By Term (In Days), Printed Terms and Conditions and Storage Locations can all be preset. When processing Lay-By transactions, customer name, address, contact details and purchase item(s) are entered. The required deposit is automatically calculated. A customer receipt is printed detailing Lay-By item(s), deposit paid, balance outstanding, Lay-By terms and conditions and a unique barcode to enable easy customer tracking and recall on subsequent visits. A shop copy receipt is also printed that can be attached to stored Lay-By item(s). A complete purchase and payment history is also recorded for each customer.

Customer receipts can either be printed on 80mm thermal POS paper rolls or A4 size paper.

Software License & Support

You can purchase the Lay-By Software as either stand-alone or fully integrated into Retail POS Software.

If purchasing the Lay-By Software as stand-alone, it is licensed by the number of computers in which it is to be installed. Hence, when ordering, the quantity needs to represent the total number of computers in which it is to be installed. ie. POS Computers / Terminals & Back Office (Administration) Computers.

If purchasing the Lay-By Software as an integration to the Retail POS Software then you need to purchase the same number of Lay-By Software licenses as the number of computers you are licensed for the Retail POS Software. ie. if you are licensed for four (4) computers then you would need to purchase four (4) Lay-By Software licenses.

The pricing below includes the first 12 months Software License & Support plus installation services and training. Training time is not limited as it is covered under the Software License & Support agreement.

Availability In Stock - Ships Immediately
Our Price: $ 300.00 (ex. GST)

Detailed images

Retail Manager POS Software - New Lay-By Retail Manager POS Software - View Lay-By Details Retail Manager POS Software - Lay-By Payment Retail Manager POS Software - Lay-By Payment Receipt (80mm Thermal POS Roll)
Mobility & Disability Equipment Store POS System & POS Software
Mobility & Disability Equipment Store POS System & POS Software
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Synopsis: Access POS is a leading supplier of Mobility & Disability Shop POS Systems and POS Software in Australia. The POS terminals are very fast and easy to use whilst having specialised features for the Homecare, Disability & Mobility Scooter and equipment store owners.

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