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Retail POS Software - Customer Accounts

Retail POS Software - Customer Accounts

The Customer Accounts module is an add-on to the core Retail POS Software. You can seamlessly charge sales through the POS Screen or from the back office to a customer account. The Customer Accounts module allows you to completely administer all aspects of your accounts receivable, including: statements, payments, transaction audits, transaction reports, credit limits and much more. Some of the main features are:

  • Seamless integration to the Retail POS System
  • Search for customer by: Customer Card, Name, Street Name, Phone Number, Email Address
  • Enforce printing of customer receipts for account sales with signature line
  • Automatically email customer sale and payment receipts at the time of transaction
  • Option to print customer account balance on each receipt
  • Allow account payment and cash sale transactions within the same POS transaction
  • Set customer postal and delivery address and numerous other fields to store valuable customer information
  • Set account credit limit for POS transactions
  • Set individual credit terms. ie. pay 7 days, 30 days etc
  • Allows for notes to be assigned to each customer
  • Set an automated percentage discount off the standard retail price globally when transacting via the POS screen
  • Set an automated percentage discounts off the standard retail price by product category. ie a high margin product category can be set with a different percentage discount than a low margin category. This is all done automatically via the POS screen. Great for wholesale customer accounts
  • Allow sub accounts under a main account. eg a company may establish an account with you with their employees having a sub account. This feature is commonly used in corporate salary sacrifice scenarios where the actual paying customer is the corporate but it is still required to produce individual employee transaction statements
  • Ability to set all account balances to zero at any time. This feature is often used when account payments are processed in via third party software but account detail is still required by the POS software. The common scenario is for the POS software to produce all statements at the end of each month for a corporate customer then immediately resetting all account balances to zero because the payment(s) transaction will be recorded outside of the POS software
  • Assign customer accounts into separate account categories. This allows great flexibility when performing many functions. eg only print statements for a certain category of customer accounts
  • Print or email customer statements over any given date range. If printed there is provision for windowed envelopes avoiding the need to hand write the mailing address
  • A comprehensive list of filters when producing statements. ie single customer, messages, customer category, balances over a certain value, statements with your bank details and credit card payment forms etc
  • Accounts receivable reports with balance ageing
  • Account transaction audit and sales reports
  • Global Customer Account Posting. ie allows mass charging customers, say a monthly account administration fee. This can also be filtered by; account categories, accounts overdue by a certain number of days, for accounts with a balance over a certain value
  • Batch Customer email broadcast

Software License & Support

You can purchase the Customer Accounts Software as either stand-alone or fully integrated into Retail POS Software.

If purchasing the Customer Accounts Software as stand-alone, it is licensed by the number of computers in which it is to be installed. Hence, when ordering, the quantity needs to represent the total number of computers in which it is to be installed. ie. POS Computers / Terminals & Back Office (Administration) Computers.

If purchasing the Customer Accounts Software as an integration to the Retail POS Software then you need to purchase the same number of Customer Accounts Software licenses as the number of computers you are licensed for the Retail POS Software. ie. if you are licensed for four (4) computers then you would need to purchase four (4) Customer Accounts Software licenses.

The pricing below includes the first 12 months Software License & Support plus installation services and training. Training time is not limited as it is covered under the Software License & Support agreement.

Availability In Stock - Ships Immediately
Our Price: $ 300.00 (ex. GST)
Mobility & Disability Equipment Store POS System & POS Software
Mobility & Disability Equipment Store POS System & POS Software
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