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Paper Rolls 57 x 57mm Thermal (50 per Box)

Paper Rolls 57 x 57mm Thermal (50 per Box)

Suits many modern day single roll Cash Registers. Some higher end two roll Cash Registers also use this type of paper roll. 50 Paper Rolls per box/unit quantity. Delivery Australia Wide.

** Large Quantity Discounts Apply **

Some of the Cash Register models that use Paper Rolls 57 x 57mm Thermal include:

  • ABM / Access POS: ABM-180TS, ABM-180TL, ABM-380, ABM-380M, ABM-390M, ABM-5200, ABM-5200M, ABM-7000, ABM-920, ABM-940
  • Casio: CE-T300, CE-T500, SE-S10, SE-S300, SE-C300, SE-C450, SE-S2000, SE-C2000, SE-S6000, SE-C6000, TE-100, TE-2200, TE-2400, TE-4000F, TE-8000F, TE-M80, TE-M80S, TK-5100, TK-T300, TK-T500
  • Javelin / POSBOX: CS-300, CS-400, CS-500, CS-600, CS-700
  • Olivetti: ECR-6700, ECR-6800, ECR-7700, ECR-8100
  • Optimas: OP-450, OP-460, OP-460S, OP-480, OP-620, OP-680, OP-880
  • Quorion: CR-21, CR-1040, CR-1140, CR-1240, CR-1242, CR-1242B, QMP-2044, QMP-2164, QMP-2264
  • Samsung / SAM4S: ER-180T, ER-180TDL, ER-260ALB, ER-260RALB, ER-265, ER-265ALB, ER-265RALB, ER-380, ER-380M, ER-390M, ER-650, ER-655, ER-5200, ER-5200M, ER-920, ER-940, SER-7000
  • Sharp: XE-A201, XE-A202, XE-A203, XE-A207, XE-A213, XE-A303, UP-700
  • TEC / Toshiba: MA-198, MA-600, MA-1595
  • Towa: AX-100, TX-500, TL-550, SX-580, SX-590, SX-690, ML-780
  • Uniwell: EX-570, EX-575, CX-3500

Some of the POS Printer models that use Paper Rolls 57 x 57mm Thermal include:

  • Citizen: CT-S280, CBM-262, CBM-262II, CBM-270
  • Samsung / Bixolon / Sam4s: STP-102, STP-103, Ellix-10

Some of the Scale models that use Paper Rolls 57 x 57mm Thermal include:

  • Access POS: Label Printing Scale - Touch Screen, Cash Register Receipt & Label Printing Scale - Touch Screen
  • Ishida: UNI-5, UNI-7
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Paper Roll 57x57mm Thermal
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