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Label Printing Scale - Labelling Scale (Advanced)

Label Printing Scale - Labelling Scale (Advanced)

Compliant with new Country of Origin labelling (CoOL) laws. Print your chosen Country of Origin Label directly via the scale.

Easily assign specific Country of Origin labelling (CoOL) logo to individual products.

The Label Printing Scale / Labelling Scale is ideal for Deli's, Supermarkets, Fruit & Veg Stores etc as a pre-pack scale. The Barcode Labeling Scale has an "Auto Print" function that allows for rapid pre-packing of the same item type. ie. set the scale to, say, 'Fetta Cheese'. Each time a tray of 'Fetta Cheese' is placed on the scale, a product label automatically prints. Labels are of a free form design allowing you to tailor them to suit your own business needs. Typical label detail may include; product ingredients, cooking / preparation instructions, "packed on" date, suggested 'use by' date, price or weight embedded barcode, product weight, selling price per kilogram, calculated selling price, your business name, address and even your own logo.

The Label Printing Scale has up to 60 product preset keys (120 with shift level) on the operator keyboard for one touch registration (excludes function keys) although several thousand products can be programmed utilising product look-up codes.

Allows for label sizes of 40 - 60mm (Width) and 30 - 120mm (Length). The inbuilt thermal printer produces labels at 100mm per second. Access POS stocks pre-printed 58 x 40mm, 58 x 60mm, 58 x 71mm and 58 x 110mm. Custom order for other sizes.

Main Features:

  • Label Size: Thermal 38 - 64mm width (with a print area / width of 56mm) / 30 - 175mm length
  • Label Roll Size: Outer diameter 100mm or less. Inner diameter 40mm
  • Prints your own logo on each label or you can use your own preprinted labels
  • Fast and durable thermal printer
  • 60 Preset Keys for frequent transaction items (120 with shift level) - Bench Version
  • 72 Preset Keys for frequent transaction items (144 with shift level) - Pole Version
  • Easy programming either directly on the Scale or via optional PC Software
  • Choose between Bench or Pole Display versions
  • Up to 10,000 items & 1000 ingredient / instruction messages
  • Platter Size: 380 (W) x 250 (D) mm
  • Platter Construction: Stainless Steel
  • Scale Dimensions (excluding optional Pole Display): 410 (W) x 441 (D) x 180 (H) mm
  • Scale Dimensions (including optional Pole Display): 410 (W) x 500 (D) x 536 (H) mm
  • LAN port standard for PC connection
  • Alpha Display ie. shows product description
  • Weighing Capacity: 15 kg Version (Dual Range) 6kg with 2g increments then up to 15kg (Max. Weight) x 5g (Increments)
  • Weighing Capacity: 30 kg Version (Dual Range) 15kg with 5g increments then up to 30kg (Max. Weight) x 10g (Increments) - Optional
  • Interchangeable Print Cartridge making Label Roll changes quick and easy - Optional

FREE Programming Included:

  • Initial Programming and setup is included in the price (Label Format Configuration, System Options & Preset Keys). After your purchase, an Access POS representative will contact you to discuss the various programming options prior to freighting the Label Printing Scale (Advanced).

Optional PC Programming Software:

  • Optional Scale management Software can be supplied to allow easy product database management and label design. The Label Printing Scale (Advanced) comes standard with a computer network port (LAN Port) for easy connection to your Microsoft Windows based PC.

Scale Certification:

A scale used in a retail environment must be inspected / certified prior to use. After which, a certification stamp is adhered to the scale. This ensures that the scale is correctly weighing items. This is required under consumer protection law. As an option, Access POS can organise this certification prior to delivering the scale to you.

Part #: CACL52LPS
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Payment Plan

SilverChef Rent-Try-Buy. Rent from $ 26.02 (ex. GST) per week for a minimum of 12 months before you decide to either Buy (with 75% of prepaid rental being deducted from the original cash price), Upgrade or Return at no further obligation. It works like this SilverChef Rent-Try-Buy. To apply for SilverChef funding please use the following link SilverChef Apply. No obligation. After approval please contact Access POS on 02 9817-7791 to finalise your order.

Payment Plan amounts above do not include any chargeable options. Please contact Access POS for Payment Plan quotes inclusive of chargeable options and for bulk purchases.

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Detailed images

Label Scale - Bench - Advanced Label Scale - Pole - Advanced Labelling Scale Labels Labelling Scale Labels Scale Label Examples Restaurant Scale Label Scale Label with no Ingredient Printing Scale Label with Ingredient Printing Scale Label 58 x 110mm with Nutrition
Scale Labels & Labelling Scales for IGA Supermarkets - Buy Online
Scale Labels & Labelling Scales for IGA Supermarkets - Buy Online
Category: News
Author: Geoff
Posted: 20/05/2021 10:31:00
Synopsis: Access POS stocks a complete range of Scale Labels and Labelling Scales suitable for IGA Supermarkets and IGA Xpress Stores. Our Label Printing Scales are some of the most popular label printing scales on the Australian market. Common scale label sizes are 58 x 40mm, 58 x 60mm, 60 x 55mm, 64 x 47mm and 64 x 58mm.
  • This product comes with a 12 month warranty which covers both parts and labour.
  • Any warranty enquiries can be directed to Access POS Pty Ltd. We do not refer you to third parties.
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