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Thai Riffic Noodle Bar installs Aloha Quick Service POS System

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Posted: 06/06/2012 10:11:00
Synopsis: Access POS has successfully installed the Aloha POS Quick service POS System into Thai Riffic Noodle Bar located in Westfield Bondi Junction (Eastern Suburbs of Sydney). Thai Riffic has some unique requirements that their previous Quorion POS System was not able meet hence the decision was made to install the Aloha POS Quick service POS System.

Thai Riffic Noodle Bar had been let down by some previous POS Systems. There are 12 restaurants in their group and a number of different Restaurant POS Systems had previously been installed with moderate success. The management decided that they needed a "premium" POS System and through word of mouth and their own investigation, found the Aloha POS System. After "googling" 'Aloha POS' world-wide it became very apparent that Aloha POS was the premium product they were looking for.

The Aloha Quick Service POS System installed at Thai Riffic Bondi Junction consisted of two Aloha POS terminals with cash drawers and receipt printers with a wireless kitchen printer.

Some of the key features required by the management of Thai Riffic Noodle Bar were:

  1. Wireless remote kitchen printing, as running a physical cable would have involved great expense plus the wireless kitchen printer provided mobility in locating it within the kitchen
  2. The POS Screens must be completely customisable to suit their needs
  3. Powerful menu item modifier capability as many menu items require a choice of meat then noodle type then sauce etc
  4. Although it needs to have a powerful engine the POS needs to be super easy for the order entry staff
  5. A "buzzer number" needed to be enforced for any order containing a menu item that is being sent to the kitchen printer. If an order was only for a front counter item such as a drink then no "buzzer number" was required
  6. The "buzzer number" entered can't be outside the range of 1 - 40
  7. A separated docket / paper stub needed to be printed in the kitchen for each individual ordered item but all must have the "buzzer number" printed. As multiple "wok chefs" operate side by side an individual docket was needed to allocate items to be cooked
  8. A complete order summary docket needed to be printed at the POS terminal / front counter for order packing
  9. A store wide ordering number system was required. ie. If an order was performed on POS terminal 1 and the order number was, say 100, then a subsequent order performed on a different pos terminal needed to confirm to a sequential ordering number system and apply 101 as the order number. In other words the POS terminals needed to "talk to each other" to allow sequential order numbering
  10. The POS System needed to be able to automatically change menu pricing based on time of day and on specified days. eg. public holidays. Management did not want staff to have to remember to manually change pricing 
  11. An effecient remote login support facility. Many of their staff have modest English language skills. A POS System was required whereby the POS dealer could just remotely login to provide support if required. To achieve this and to save Thai Riffic the added expense of installing a permanent internet connection we installed iTunes onto one of the POS terminals and whenever support is required the store manager plugs his iPhone into the POS terminal which then provides an internet connection for Access POS to login.

Aloha POS achieved this and much more. It is truly a sensational POS System.

Further information: Aloha POS System or call (02) 9817-7791

Thai Riffic Store Manager trying out his new Aloha POS System Aloha POS Quick Service installed at Thai Riffic Aloha POS Screen for Thai Riffic Wireless Kitchen Printer for Aloha POS Wireless Doongle installed under Kitchen Printer

You can call Access POS on 02 9817-7791 or via email at Contact Us.

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