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POS System Counter Design

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Posted: 14/11/2012 09:58:00
Synopsis: We have provided a design guide of an ideal counter for a POS System.

We have provided a design guide of an ideal counter for a POS System. The design provided would typically be used in a Retail & Newsagency POS environment as well as in "quick service" Hospitality stores. Restaurant and cafes tend to utilise "All-in-One" PC based POS terminals hence the position for the POS PC detailed within our diagram is not required.

To summarise the POS Counter design; we have a cupboard space under the POS PC with two double power points and a network (Ethernet) port. (Note: Never run both ethernet and power cable within the same conduit. It is also advisable to keep them separated by 300mm at minmum.) A 60mm hole is cut towards the rear of the cupboard between the cupboard and POS PC space. Above the POS PC, space for the Cash Drawer is allowed. A 60mm hole is again provided between these two areas with another 60mm hole above the Cash Drawer through to the counter top. The balance of the POS System. ie. Touch Screen, POS Printer, Barcode Scanner etc would sit on the counter top.

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POS System Counter Design Two POS Terminals fitted into Store Counter POS Terminal fitted into Store Counter showing cupboard and shelf design

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