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POS Lavu iPad POS System became a Sydney Cafes Nightmare

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Posted: 05/07/2012 11:56:00
Synopsis: The POS Lavu iPad Restaurant POS System may look sexy on the outside but has little substance on the inside according to a Sydney Café. It created nightmares for kitchen staff due to wireless kitchen printer connectivity issues and the app stopped opening on the iPad. “After 7 days from our café’s opening we had no choice but to switch to the Aloha POS System.”

POS Lavu is a relatively new POS application designed to be run on an iPad as a “base terminal” with iPod touch units as optional wireless order entry terminals. Although POS Lavu Software runs on the iPad, actual sales data for the café / restaurant gets stored on a “cloud” server somewhere in cyberspace. The café / restaurant owner commonly is totally unaware of the exact location. Monthly hosting fees must be made by the POS Lavu user for this hosting service.

Sotto Café, located in Parramatta (Sydney), after investigating several POS Systems decided on the POS Lavu System. The Aloha POS System was one of the other POS systems considered at the time. I must admit the POS Lavu system does look sexy and the price of the POS Hardware required ie. iPad’s etc are cheaper than traditional more robust and purpose built POS terminals but looking “sexy” and being a few dollars cheaper doesn’t always “cut the mustard” when the daily riggers of a busy Sydney café need to be met by the POS System.

Seven (7) days after commissioning the POS Lavu system the proprietors of Sotto Café had, had enough. They simply could not run their café with the various system failures that occurred with POS Lavu system. The Aloha POS System was urgently purchased and will be installed in coming days.

The Aloha POS System is a world leading hospitality POS System. The core system runs on robust and purpose built POS terminals and the entire system runs inside your café / restaurant with no need to connect to “cloud” based and potentially unreliable servers located on the other side of the world. Wireless hand held ordering utilising the Apple © iPod Touch can be added as an optional extra but no sales data is stored on these units but instead, all orders are wirelessly transmitted to the “main” Aloha POS System. The Aloha POS Software is manufactured by Radiant Systems which is part of the NASDAQ listed NCR Corporation. About 60,000 hospitality sites have NCR Aloha POS installed.

Further information: Restaurant POS System or Restaurant POS Wireless Handheld Ordering or call us 02 9817-7791

POS Lavu review from Apple App Store

Review Source: Apple App Store for POS Lavu. I think the mention of where your menu and sales data resides is worth real consideration in terms of data security.

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