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POS Lavu iPad POS System became a Sydney Cafes Nightmare

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Posted: 05/07/2012 11:56:00
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Synopsis: The POS Lavu iPad Restaurant POS System may look sexy on the outside but has little substance on the inside according to a Sydney Café. It created nightmares for kitchen staff due to wireless kitchen printer connectivity issues and the app stopped opening on the iPad. “After 7 days from our café’s opening we had no choice but to switch to the Aloha POS System.”

POS Lavu is a relatively new POS application designed to be run on an iPad as a “base terminal” with iPod touch units as optional wireless order entry terminals. Although POS Lavu Software runs on the iPad, actual sales data for the café / restaurant gets stored on a “cloud” server somewhere in cyberspace. The café / restaurant owner commonly is totally unaware of the exact location. Monthly hosting fees must be made by the POS Lavu user for this hosting service.

Sotto Café, located in Parramatta (Sydney), after investigating several POS Systems decided on the POS Lavu System. The Aloha POS System was one of the other POS systems considered at the time. I must admit the POS Lavu system does look sexy and the price of the POS Hardware required ie. iPad’s etc are cheaper than traditional more robust and purpose built POS terminals but looking “sexy” and being a few dollars cheaper doesn’t always “cut the mustard” when the daily riggers of a busy Sydney café need to be met by the POS System.

Seven (7) days after commissioning the POS Lavu system the proprietors of Sotto Café had, had enough. They simply could not run their café with the various system failures that occurred with POS Lavu system. The Aloha POS System was urgently purchased and will be installed in coming days.

The Aloha POS System is a world leading hospitality POS System. The core system runs on robust and purpose built POS terminals and the entire system runs inside your café / restaurant with no need to connect to “cloud” based and potentially unreliable servers located on the other side of the world. Wireless hand held ordering utilising the Apple © iPod Touch can be added as an optional extra but no sales data is stored on these units but instead, all orders are wirelessly transmitted to the “main” Aloha POS System. The Aloha POS Software is manufactured by Radiant Systems which is part of the NASDAQ listed NCR Corporation. About 60,000 hospitality sites have NCR Aloha POS installed.

Further information: Restaurant POS System or Restaurant POS Wireless Handheld Ordering or call us 02 9817-7791

POS Lavu review from Apple App Store

Review Source: Apple App Store for POS Lavu. I think the mention of where your menu and sales data resides is worth real consideration in terms of data security.

You can call Access POS on 02 9817-7791 or via email at Contact Us.

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Comments on POS Lavu iPad POS System became a Sydney Cafes Nightmare

kim 04/09/2017 05:50:22
After being a customer of lavu for almost 3 years, we have had enough. We are a small business selling less that 20 items & no more than 5 employees. lavu pos had problems from day one that caused hours of time on the phone with lavu trying to fix issues to make it run smoothly. We never got to a point where our issues were resolved. One correction would cause another problem.
First, we believed them when they stated that their pos would be great for our shop. Slowly we saw that system was not set to be able to accommodate our needs. Each issue would wind up taking weeks, months, or never being corrected. For the first two years we put up with the multiple hour long phone calls, emails, & facetime to walk them through each issue/ resolve. It just became too much of our time taken away from the business.
JWooldridge 27/02/2014 07:42:39
Please do your research before buying ANY POS, but believe that those who have negative reviews have nothing to gain by being truthful about Lavu. Horrible, horrible company with no experience or track record for POS.
Jeff Patterson 20/08/2013 17:12:04
poslavu has released their product way before it’s time. Untested in a real scenario, they are using real customers that are stupid enough to buy it as beta testers, and the sales department is pushing this as the next great thing that ISN’T. 24 hour customer service is a joke, “no operators are available, please email your questions” at 10PM when we are the busiest. David Miles keeps promising fixes but they never seem to come. Screw the tutorials too, they are so outdated and not understandable to even a seasoned tech since they constantly chase their butts with updates but don’t change the outdated tutorials. I have not implemented yet and will not. Thumbs down
Ron Restaurant 04/08/2013 05:10:26
Living in a Lavu Nightmare!
This system might work for a very small cafe/shop; but, for a fast paced, fast moving food and beverage operation, L A V U is an absolute NIGHTMARE!!
I have over 25 years experience in hotel and restaurants: Hyatt, Ruth' Chris, Mortons, Etc,...
I have finally met my nemesis due to the L A V U contract our restaurant family shares.
Our entire staff is in an uproar over this UN-researched POS system. The menu screen tabs are set for a 9 year old's fingers...the number of different menues to switch to for a full scale operation is beyond time consuming!
This POS system will absolutely slow down customer service time and severly reduce your, "restaurant family" moral.
Waiting to get on LAVU to place your order...PLEASE TAKE A NUMBER AND WAIT YOUR TURN!
More detail to follow...Got to go to work!
I bow down to ALOHA!
Geoff 11/07/2013 16:52:39
Happy to have your comments re POS Lavu. I have very pleased you are having a positive experience. Would you like to put in a "plug" for your restaurant and tell us the restaurant name and location? That way people local to you could visit and see POS Lavu in action otherwise some readers may believe your comments are from POS Lavu themselves.
A little integrity goes a long way 11/07/2013 16:39:50
I did a lot of research into the different types of iPad POS systems out there for my restaurant including reviews such as the one on this site. I must admit i was concerned about POSlavu after going on this site. However, i did also realise that this is an Aloha pro website. So to any other readers out there, take that into account as i have found POSLavu to actually be very good and couldn't be happier with my choice and staff love it (4 months going strong). I had to come back and just add this friendly advice to other owners who are doing their research.
Jami 10/05/2013 01:39:27
We bought this system for many reasons,one for security and ease of use, but let me tell you it has neither. This is by far the worst pos system ever made. We have lost transaction, (which means we have lost money) parts of our menu go missing,prices change on there own ( nice) NOT. The busier you are the more problems we have. The kitchen printers crash all the time, we send orders to the kitchen and the kitchen never receives them! (Great). We can not trust that are end of day check-out is correct. Unfortunately there are too many things wrong with this system that I can't not list them all. My advice DO NOT BUY THIS POS SYSTEM IT IS HORRIABLE!!!
New york restaurant 26/03/2013 01:25:29
Buying Poslavu was the biggest mistake we made for our 3 restaurants. This point of sale system is too slow to run a normal restaurant. Probably okay for a small coffee shop.
Waiters hate us for this, as splitting tabs is so slow and tickets to the kitchen get lost or printed twice. They have a support forum, but if you start complaining or too many customers ask about the same issue, they just close it.
Greg Villareal 23/03/2013 02:17:38
As a restaurant owner I was drawn to pos lavu because of the price relative to a purpose built pos systems, as well as the great looking interface. Installed poslavu systems at both of our restaurants. System is very slow, glitchy and generally a pain. Poslavu, said we should buy a mac mini server and run their LavuLocal Server system. This helped marginally, but system still locks up. App has to be dumped and reloaded on a regular base during dinner service. When it works, it is fine. When it runs slow as molasses, or worse still just plain stops functioning on a busy friday night, you will want to shoot your self. You will lose money with this system through frustrated servers and customers, lost tickets, double tickets (food and drink will be made twice). Forgot to mention, credit card swipes are now working only 50% of the time and POSlavu says I need to buy new ones! I am buying new ones alright, along with a new purpose built POS!
John Steward 19/03/2013 05:43:00
Heard Gordon Ramsey ditched Poslavu from his own new restaurant. We did too. Used to have same issues. SLOW. Lost, double tix, losing connection. Customers can't see tips screen so forget to tip.

Splitting checks takes FOREVER.
Moved to Squireell.
Server 10/03/2013 19:03:42
Bravo, Sotto Cafe, for leaving after 7 days. On the employee side this POS Lavu is the most inefficient POS system I have ever used in my 25 years experience in the industry. As an expert multi-tasker I am unable to do more than one thing at a time. As a people person my head is always down looking at the device typing in credit card numbers or ringing in orders and searching for items. I don't have the friendly eye contact anymore. All they see is the top of my head. Orders are lost or double tickets come up lost revenue, customers don't see where to put the tip , oh well no $ for me. On busy nights the system is so slow. When you have to split checks your at a table soooo long and the other guests are ignored. I used to be able to close out 5 tables in 10 minutes. It has taken me 22 minutes to close out a party of 6. This POS system DOES NOT work for high volume. I miss the old days when I had time to talk about the food get to know the locals. HIRE ME SOTTO
Rod Gallagher 14/02/2013 20:16:25
Hi I am the new owner of Atrio Café in Sydney. POS Lavu is installed at my Café and will be gone by close of business tomorrow. It is more trouble than it is worth. Definitely not suitable for a high volume cafe
Geoff 14/02/2013 10:45:49
To "Check your facts". I am still waiting for your reply re: inaccurate and defamatory statements. If you can find any please let me know. I suspect I will be waiting for a while.
Geoff 29/01/2013 11:58:14
To "Check your facts". Can you please point out what information is incorrect and defamatory. If you do this and any information is found to be incorrect then it will be immediately removed.
Check your facts 29/01/2013 10:54:22
This information is incorrect and defamatory.
The fact that the information hasn't been checked does't say a lot for your company.
POSLAVU is a POS 09/01/2013 15:55:12
I thought the idea of taking orders on ipads at the table would be efficient and fun. ITS NOT! After 5 hours with poslavu tech support to set up the network correctly and increasing my internet speed to 40 download/20 upload, POSLAVU is very slow, doesnt print orders to the kitchen sometimes, is glitchy, menu items and settings change on their own, and will make you want to slam your ipad on the ground. Functionality sucks. There is no option to place a to go order with a name.....you can only assign a to go order as a table so you dont know who's order it belongs to, modified orders do not inform the kitchen that its a modified order...... I call technical support every week for some issue. They are helpful but can usually only blame slow software on my internet.
Geoff 09/01/2013 08:32:40
Firstly I will declare that I am the owner of Access POS so you can take my comments as you see fit.

Eric ,,, you are not the only one I have heard comments along these lines. It is understandable that prospective POS system purchases "surf the net" doing their research on suitable POS Systems. These type of systems eg POS Lavu, where the core system is run on am Apple iPad with data held in the cloud comes across as very modern and "sexy" but unfortunately they are often not up to the real life riggers of retail application, usually cafes and restaurants.
Eric sereni 08/01/2013 21:21:59
The worst system and sales support ever. Stay away from this joke of an application.

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