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KOUNTA POS Software Review - Read this Before You Buy

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Posted: 27/10/2017 13:32:00
Synopsis: Kounta POS Software Review - Are you really getting value for money? Is an iPad POS System up to the job? Does Kounta POS provide all the functionality you would expect to run a small business? What sort of support is offered?

We suggest you read this before buying Kounta Cloud based POS Software or any other iPad POS System.

Kounta POS is a cloud based POS Software, meaning the software and your stores sales data do not reside on your own iPad or computer but instead are in the hands of others unknown to you. Cloud based POS Systems are internet reliant. Have you heard about all the problems with the roll out of the NBN? If you are one of the many NBN users that suffer from these problems then your cloud based POS System will be cutting in and out and or slow to an unusable speed.

iPad POS Systems often have a modern look to them, which is really just the "sexy" look of the iPad, but in reality the actual POS Software running on them often lacks basic functionality that one expects to run most businesses. In fact, many iPad POS Systems are no better than a basic Cash Register. Another major issue with iPad POS Systems is the often lack of support. Very often support is just restricted to email or group forums. We discuss this issue in further detail below.

Before buying a iPad POS System or Kounta POS you really need to ask yourself the following questions

Is an iPad an adequate piece of hardware to be used as a POS terminal?

An iPad was never designed to be used in a commercial environment. It is a consumer product meant for basic tasks like checking email, browsing the internet etc

A POS System executes many transactions during a day. Your orders, inventory, customer information and so on are all communicating and processing data constantly.

At a certain point, the iPad POS hits a performance threshold where it simply can't keep up with how much information is being processed. I believe you are better off with a commercial grade POS Terminal

What type of support does Kounta POS offer and how much does it cost?

Kounta POS is effectively a "do it yourself" product. Kounta POS do not offer any of the following on any of their software subscription plans: Hardware Setup & Support, Integration Setup & Support, Staff & Management Training.

Kounta POS Software is supplied on a monthly subscription basis. The most basic package offers a license for 1 POS terminal and the cost is $600.00 per year. For this you don't even get phone support. The only support offered is by email and this does not allow for the items mentioned above. ie hardware setup, integration / linking third party devices eg EFTPOS machines or any training issues. If you want support for any of these issues then you will need to contract a third party "partner" and of course that comes with its own price tag. A partner will often charge you their own annual support fee so that needs to be added to the Kounta POS subscription cost to ascertain the real annual cost.

If you want direct telephone support for Kounta you will need to subscribe to their $1200.00 per year subscription but please remember this still does not cover any issues relating to hardware setup, linking to EFTPOS machines etc or software training. For these types of issues, and believe me they will happen, you will need to contract one of their third party "partners" and they don't come for free.

Why do i need a WIFI POS Printer when it is positioned next to my iPad

The simple answer to this is that an iPad does not have any ports that can directly connect to a POS Printer. So even if your POS Printer only sits 30cm away from your Kounta POS iPad you will need to connect it via WIFI. The problem with this is that it adds far more complexity and potential support related issues. Just say the POS Printer stops printing. Is that a fault with the Kounta Software? Or is it a fault with the POS Printer? Is it a fault with the WIFI access point? Is your internet down or cutting in or out? Who are you going to call? Remember Kounta POS does not deal with hardware related issues and you have to be paying them $1200.00 a year even to talk to them. This is just a quick example of how a what seems like a simple issue can snowball into a one of "Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares" type events.

How much warranty do I get on the POS iPad or computer?

With an Apple iPad used by Kounta POS you will only get 1 year warranty. If you buy a conventional POS Terminal then you can expect 2 to 3 years parts and labour warranty. In cases where you buy our Acer commercial POS PC you will get 3 years on-site warranty Australia wide subject to Acer service boundaries but that includes all capitals and semi to major towns.

Will Kounta POS perform the initial programming and setup of the POS System?

In short, "No Way!". When you subscribe to Kounta POS or similar iPad POS Systems, it is on a "Do it Yourself" basis or they will suggest to you that you contract a third party "partner" who of course will charge you additional fees for the setup. iPad POS companies make it sound so easy to configure their systems, as if all you need to do is import your products and the rest takes care of itself. If only it was that simple .......

Programming a POS System from scratch, from the inventory, reports, back office functionality, user interface, customer database, security modules, payment processing ...... the list goes on, but you get the idea. It takes diligent work and skill to initially setup a POS System so the full benefits can be realised. 

When size does matter

A typical Apple iPad has a 9.7 inch screen. Rather small and "poky" in size to be used as a POS terminal, especially in a faster paced retail environment. As was mentioned previously, an iPad is really just a consumer grade product. A conventional POS terminal would normally have a 15" inch screen.

Note: All details about Kounta POS are accurate as per their website 26/10/2017

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The Tablet POS System - What's included?

  • Tablet PC 10 inch Screen (you can opt for a 15" screen)
  • Tablet PC Stand
  • Microsoft Windows 10 or POS Ready
  • Thermal POS Receipt Printer
  • Cash Drawer - standard size

What else do you get?

  • Retail Manager POS Software with 12 months subscription included. Compare our user interface to any iPad POS Software and see who comes out on top ,,,,, it is just so much easier and faster!
  • Twelve (12) months email, telephone & remote login software support. You are dealing direct with the software developer :). Notice how we include telephone support, and even better, we can remotely log into your POS terminal and see the POS screen the same as you can. This saves you having to describe the issue in "tech talk" :) plus we can provide superior training this way.
  • System Configuration & General Set-up prior to delivery. Yes, we completely setup you system so you are ready to use it immediately. This includes entering your menu or setting up your POS screen with up to the first 200 items, which far exceeds standard requirements. If you are a retail store using a barcode scanner then it is very easy for you to scan in your products. 
  • Yes, system training is included. It is covered under the 12 months software subscription so there is no limitation on time or on the number of training sessions. Kounta POS does not provide you any training and nor do most iPad Cloud POS System suppliers. They will tell you to contract a third party which will cost you big $$$ 

For further details click on the following link https://www.accesspos.com.au/pos-systems/

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