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Compliant Newsagent Magazine Software for Returns via XchangeIT

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Posted: 21/05/2012 09:45:00
Synopsis: The Access POS Software has once again been confirmed by XchangeIT as fully compliant when it comes to newsagent magazine management in regards to facilitating all types of returns (early, normal & late) via its POS Software as three separate files instead of a single returns file. This allows newsagents to accurately process their returns at any time. This is especially relevant in the case of early returns.

At a recent meeting with XchangeIT, it was asked if the Access POS Software separated the three magazine return types into separate files and in addition could newsagents process and send the completed "electronic" return back to XchangeIT whenever the newsagent wanted. The answer was a most definate YES.

XchangeIT mentioned that the reason for asking was because they have found some other Newsagency POS Software apart from the Access POS Software did not do this and instead sent back a single file return which included early, normal & late. This caused problems for newsagents if they attempted to process early returns via the distributors website as a result of the inability of the POS Software to process an early return prior to the normal return. Subsequently, when newsagents did complete their return via their POS Software it duplicated the early return.

Newsagents do not want headaches. They want POS Software to make their life easier.

Access POS will offer any newsagent using the Tower Systems Newsagency POS Software very easy terms to switch. Call us on (02) 9817-7791

About XchangeIT

XchangeIT is an industry initiative run by magazine distributors (Gordon & Gotch, Network Services and Fairfax). The primary purpose is to reduce supply chain costs between magazine distributor and newsagent by resolving common data related challenges in the newsagent channel. This takes the form of "electronic" delivery of magazine invoice files as well as allowing newsagents to process returns via compliant POS Software. Currently, almost 2,500 newsagents use the XchangeIT System each week. John Sands is also a distribution partner.

Further information: Newsagency POS System with 100% XchangeIT Compliance in Magazine Returns

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