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Cinch & Tattoo Fashion Stores roll out new POS System

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Posted: 29/04/2014 15:13:00
Synopsis: The Cinch & Tattoo Fashion Stores are rolling out the latest Multi-Store Fashion POS System across their 16 stores.

Cinch Australia brands their clothing stores either, Cinch or Tattoo. Access POS is delighted to partner with Cinch Australia in providing them with the latest multi-store fashion POS System that will revolutionise the administration and overall efficiency of running their business.

Cinch Australia had basic cash registers installed at all of their stores. Apart from the basic registration of sales, everything was done "old school" way. Pencil and paper. The new POS System & Software installed by Access POS has completely revolutionised their business. They now enjoy the benefits of barcode scanning, EFTPOS Integration with their POS, automated store transfers of stock, implementation of a customer loyalty program, lay-by facilities across their stores, centralised reporting of stock & sales data and system administration at their headoffice located in Campsie, NSW.

The most satisfying aspect of installing this new POS System for Cinch Australia is seeing the immediate and massive benefits it has provided them in the running of their business.

You can view the Cinch Australia website at www.cinchaustralia.com.au

You can call Access POS on 02 9817-7791 or via email at Contact Us.

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