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Bakery POS System installed in busy Sydney Suburb

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Posted: 13/12/2012 19:47:00
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Synopsis: Access POS has installed it's latest Bakery POS System into a busy new store located in the Northern Sydney Suburb of Gordon.

"Bakerie" will open it's doors in a few days with the latest Bakery POS System installed by Access POS.

The POS System features a single Aloha POS terminal with the POS screen custom designed to allow fast registration of sales. A back office computer has also been installed with "Aloha Manager" which allows extensive sales reporting and program data maintenance.

"Bakerie" will also utilise the 'Time and Attendance" (Bundy Clock) feature within Aloha POS. Each staff member will be issued with an employee card that they will need to swipe through the magnetic card reader attached to the POS terminal to record arrival, breaks and shift finish. The magnetic card reader will also be utilised for the proposed introduction of the Aloha POS Customer Loyalty System. As "Bakerie" are planning on adding further stores they will utilise the Aloha POS hosted loyalty solution so their customers can accrue and redeem from the loyalty system from any of their stores.

"Bakerie" is located at 773 Pacific Highway, Gordon. NSW 2072

Further information: Aloha Pos System or Retail POS Systems or call (02) 9817-7791

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