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Access POS receives a BIG Thank You from South Australian Newsagent

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Posted: 09/06/2011 10:07:00
Synopsis: Victoria Square Newsagency, centrally located in Adelaide, South Australia, recently installed the Access POS "Newsagency POS System" replacing their outdated cash register.

Although we live in a world of "Business is Business", it was of great pleasure to receive a Thank You card posted to us expressing their gratitude for the support Access POS has provided in assisting them with the implementation of their new POS System.

Victoria Square Newsagency had been using a standard cash register to process shop sales which involved the manual entry of sale prices, limited sales reporting and of course no key supplier integration via electronically importing product and invoice data.

After evaluating various Newsagency POS Systems they decided to purchase "Newsagency POS System - Package A (POS & XchangeIT)" from Access POS. This provided the following key benefits:

  • A user friendly Touch Screen POS
  • Barcode Scanning which eliminated the manual entry of sale pricing
  • Extensive sales reporting which can be generated over any given date range
  • Product & Shelf label printing
  • Automated "Specials" including "Combo Deals" on products by start / stop date periods
  • Complete historical audit reporting including full magazine management
  • Supplier links to GNS / Ancol, all major greeting card companies ie. John Sands, Hallmark, Simson etc
  • XchangeIT integration allowing the importing of magazine invoices and performing automated returns for Gordon & Gotch, Network and Fairfax

On-going support is primarily provided by remote internet login. This allows Access POS support staff, upon request, to login to the POS System and view the POS screen as if we were standing in the store, to provide training, software upgrades and general support.

We wish Victoria Square Newsagency all the best with their growing business and we look forward to being of service for many years to come.

  Victoria Square Newsagency Thank You Card.pdf

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