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Access POS completes Office & Showroom Renovations

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Posted: 26/09/2012 14:52:00
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Synopsis: Access POS has just completed major renovations to its office and showroom located in the central Sydney suburb of Hunters Hill.

Access POS moved premises from Rozelle after purchasing a quaint land mark property in the Sydney Harbour suburb of Hunters Hill in 2004.

The cute cottage is approximately 80 years old and still includes the orginal stove and fire place. Approximately 3 months ago we had an elderly gentleman accompanied with his daughter knock on the front door asking if he could have a look around as he lived in the house as a boy from the age of around 7 years. Naturally we were excited to invite him in so he could give us a bit of a history lesson.

He explained that, "back in those days" it was an isolated property. The surrounding land had little more than sheep and cows grazing which contrasts the multi-million dollar properties that surround it today. He still remembered the old stove that his mother used to cook on. It was great hearing his stories.

His visit inspired us to restore and showcase the property even further.

Access POS set about with renovations that included significant building works and of course painting. The selected builders and painting firm did a brilliant job. I find painting very boring at the best of times but the painting team laboured for seven days and loved it!

We have received high praise from the surrounding community for a job well done.

We always get positive comments from visiting customers. I suppose another competitive advantage we have over our competition, our business premises are memorable.

For all your POS System & Cash Register needs, you can visit us at:

Access POS
95 Pittwater Road,

PH: 02 9817-7791
Email Contact

During Renovations

During Renovations Front of the Access POS Building During Renovations Front of the Access POS Building During Renovations Front of the Access POS Building

After Renovations

After Renovations Side of the Access POS Building Original Stove in the Access POS Building

You can call Access POS on 02 9817-7791 or via email at Contact Us.

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Comments on Access POS completes Office & Showroom Renovations

William Park 27/09/2012 16:06:13
Hi Geoff! After making a purchase of your paper rolls and cash registers l was later told about your new office renovations! As l drove past your office l was later convinced to purchase more of your items due to there great value and is leading my cafe to a great success. Having your office looking great, l would love to hear about your future success! Keep up the great work!
Geoff 26/09/2012 15:58:48
Thanks ladies :)
Molly Sibald 26/09/2012 15:51:07
Wow! This is looking great! I was amazed by your website and now your office is looking fantastic it intrigues me to purchase more of your cash registers and technology!

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