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POS Software for Restaurants, Cafe & Hospitality

POS Software for Restaurants, Cafe & Hospitality

The core Restaurant POS Software product offers the functionality that will satisfy most hospitality venue operators: An exceptionally easy to use POS Table Service or Quick Service Entry Screen, Brilliant Order Number Tracking and Printing Features, Stock Control, Extensive Stock, Sales and Audit Reporting, Debtors (Customer Shop Accounts), Suppliers, Banking, BAS reporting and much more.

In addition to the core Restaurant POS Software product are several 'Add-ons' that can further enhance your business. They include: EFTPOS terminal Link Software, Customer Management & Loyalty Software, Lay-By Software, Stock Control, Customer Accounts, Takeout & Delivery and XERO Accounting Link Software.

Restaurant POS Software

The Restaurant POS Software (Point of Sale solution) is arguably the premier Hospitality POS software on the Australian market. Restaurant POS Software is a complete Microsoft ® Windows ® product, offering the ease of use that the market has come to expect from a modern Windows ® based product.

Restaurant POS Software is developed by Access POS Pty Ltd. The latest Windows ® version was released in late 2001 and has since been continuously developed. It is a third generation product superseding the previous versions that were based on the old computer operating system platform of MS-DOS.

In your search for a suitable POS System, it is often hard, if not impossible to research every feature of every system you look at but with Restaurant POS Software's professionally designed screen layouts and extensive feature list as well as the knowledge that thousands of sites have been installed before you, Restaurant POS Software is the natural first choice.

Main Features:

  • Restaurant / Cafe Table Tracking
  • Restaurant Reservations system with SMS & email paging of guests. Assign to table on arrival
  • Takeout & Delivery (optional software module). Streamline your off-site food and beverage orders ie. Menulog, Uber Eats, Deliveroo, Phone in - Pick up Orders, Phone in - Your own Delivery orders, within your in-store POS System
  • Brilliant features for controlling Employee Time & Attendance. ie "Bundy Clock". Produce detailed employee hours worked reports to help calculate your payroll
  • Thermal POS Receipt Printer with Graphic Logo Print on Customers Receipt
  • Receipt On/Off Button
  • Receipt after Sale Button
  • 50 Preset Buttons per Product Screen x 50 Screens. Product images can also be assigned
  • Rounding of Cash sales to the nearest 5 cents
  • GST or Non GST programming for each Department Button
  • 99 Operator I.D Codes all with part transaction hold / recall
  • Transfer part sale between POS terminals
  • X Reporting (Non Reset) for Part Day Reports
  • Z Reporting (Reset) for End of Day Reporting
  • Historical Reporting over any given date range
  • Automatic emailed End of Day Report when executed by store employees
  • Automatic emailed alerts when sensitive POS function keys are used. eg. Refunds, Discounts, No Sale Open Cash Drawer
  • Battery Memory Protection for Power Failure
  • Received on Account and Pay Out Functions
  • 3 Void Functions: Last Item, Previous Item and Previous Sale
  • Easy handling of combined Payments: Cash, Cheque and Credit Card
  • Item Override Function allowing for "on-the-fly" Product Description and Price changes
  • Percentage Discount / Premium
  • Up to four (4) price levels per item
  • Automated Special Pricing with preset Start / End Date
  • Combo Special Pricing with preset Start / End Date. eg. Buy 2 units or Product "A" & "B" for a special price
  • Easy and quick programming
  • Electronic Journal. Complete Historical Audit Reporting
  • Install an optional Customer Pole Display so the customer can view transactions as they are entered
  • "Watch POS" which enables back office administrative staff (or the boss) to watch POS terminal sale transactions live
  • Print Product and Shelf Labels using a specialised Label Printer
  • Reads Price or Weight Embedded Barcodes printed from Label Printing Scales
  • Gift Voucher System fully integrated into the POS.
  • Brilliant features for controlling Commission Based Suppliers or Consignment based Suppliers
  • Stock Control (optional software module)
  • Complete Stock Control which includes controlling multiple selling units eg. Sgl, 6, 12, 24 pack & Hampers containing multiple stock items (optional software module)
  • Enter Supplier invoices and process Supplier Payments (optional software module)
  • Customer Accounts (optional software module)
  • Customer Accounts with emailed or Printed Monthly Statements (optional software module)
  • Customer Accounts with preset Credit Limits. Stop Account Function (optional software module)
  • Bulk Charge Customer Accounts. Great for end of month account administrative fee (optional software module)
  • Preset Discount Rates by Product Category for items charged to specific Customer Accounts. Great for Wholesale Accounts (optional software module)
  • EFTPOS Terminal Link for Banks or Tyro (optional software module)
  • Customer Management & Loyalty (optional software module)
  • Customer Lay-By (optional software module)
  • XERO Accounting Link (optional software module)

Connectable / Optional Hardware Items:

  • Back office Computer, Receipt Printer, Cash Drawer, Barcode Scanner, POS Interface Scale, Label Printing Scale, POS Combination Scale & Scanner, Kitchen / Order Printer, EFTPOS terminals (all major banks & Tyro supported), other networked POS Cash Registers, Customer Pole Display, Customer Screen Display, Magnetic "swipe" Card Reader, Label Printer, RFID Reader for operator login, Portable Data Entry (PDE) Scanner for stocktaking and remote POS sales

FREE Programming & Support Included:

  • Initial Menu Programming and setup is included in the price. After your purchase, an Access POS representative will contact you to discuss the various programming options.

Software License & Support

Restaurant POS Software is licensed by the number of computers in which it is to be installed. Hence, when ordering, the quantity needs to represent the total number of computers in which it is to be installed. ie. POS Computers / Terminals & Back Office (Administration) Computers.

The pricing below includes the first 12 months Software License & Support plus installation services and training. Training time is not limited as it is covered under the Software License & Support agreement.

Availability In Stock - Ships Immediately
Our Price: $ 1,650.00 (ex. GST)
Quantity Price per item
2 Items $ 1,300.00
3 Items $ 1,200.00
4 Items $ 1,100.00
5+ Items $ 1,000.00
EFTPOS Link Software
XERO Accounting Link Software
Stock Control Software
Customer Management & Loyalty Software
Customer Accounts Software
Lay-By Software
Takeout & Delivery Software

Detailed images

Restaurant POS Software Restaurant POS Software - POS Menu Restaurant POS Software - Stock Control Menu (Special Pricing) Restaurant POS Software - Stock Control Menu (Stocktake) Restaurant POS Software - Stock Reports Menu Restaurant POS Software - Debtors Menu Restaurant POS Software - Suppliers Menu Restaurant POS Software - Utilities Menu (Product Categories Setup)
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