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Newsagency POS Software - Manual Magazines In

Newsagency POS Software - Manual Magazines In

Access POS offers a comprehensive "Manual Magazine In" Software module that can either be purchased as standalone or fully integrated into our Newsagency POS Software.

The Newsagency POS Software - Manual Magazines In module, offers the same functionality as the "Electronic Magazines (XchangeIT)" Software module, although magazine invoices from the two main distributors (Gordon & Gotch and Network Services) have to be manually entered from a supplied paper invoice instead of being electronically imported as per "Electronic Magazines (XchangeIT)".

Magazine paper invoices are typically suppied with a delivery of magazines. They can then be manually entered into the "Manual Magazine In" Software. As this is done, customer put-aways are allocated with automatic email reminders sent to your customers, Subagent orders are charged then posted on the delivery slip and shop stock is allocated. Labels appropriate for each of the processes are automatically printed (a Thermal Label Printer is required). Magazine labels are printed with an issue specific barcode and other relevant information (eg. Return Dates, Supplier Code etc) to assist in controlling magazine 'movement' up until the return stage for unsold stock.

When magazine issues are due for return, these can be scanned into the Magazine Management Software. At the time of scanning in returns, the software will inform you of the quantity that is expected to be returned. This calculated value assists you in completing an accurate return. ie. receiving all credits due.

Some of the other great features include:

  • Early returns processed at the time of arrival
  • Adjust Put-away and Subagent standing order quantities at the time of arrival
  • Automatic prioritisation of stock between put-aways, subagents and your store
  • Extensive Magazine History which can be accessed via the POS screen
  • Comprehensive magazine reporting which includes numerous 'drill-down' filters. Reports include: Magazine Analysis, Comparison & Ranking Reports

Software License & Support

You can purchase the Manual Magazines In Software as either standalone or fully integrated into Newsagency POS Software.

If purchasing the Manual Magazines In Software as stand-alone, it is licensed by the number of computers in which it is to be installed. Hence, when ordering, the quantity needs to represent the total number of computers in which it is to be installed. ie. POS Computers / Terminals & Back Office (Administration) Computers.

If purchasing the Manual Magazines In Software as an integration to the Newsagency POS Software then you need to purchase the same number of Manual Magazines In Software licenses as the number of computers you are licensed for the Newsagency POS Software. ie. if you are licensed for four (4) computers then you would need to purchase four (4) Manual Magazines In Software licenses.

The pricing below includes the first 12 months Software License & Support plus installation services and training. Training time is not limited as it is covered under the Software License & Support agreement.

Availability: In Stock - Ships Immediately
Our Price: $ 300.00 (ex. GST)
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