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Newsagency POS System - Optional Items


Newsagency POS Software - Magazines (XchangeIT)

Access POS offers a comprehensive Magazine Management Software module that can either be purchased as standalone or fully integrated into our Newsagency POS Software.

The Newsagency POS Software - Magazine Management module, in many respects is the 'heart' of the Newsagency POS System. Access POS has developed it's own interface that communicates via XchangeIT which in turn connects to the three main magazine distributors (Gordon & Gotch, Network Services & Fairfax {Integrated Publication Solution - IPS}) for the purpose of downloading 'electronic' invoice files and enabling 'electronic' returns to be processed directly from the our Newsagency POS Software.

(XchangeIT is a company formed by the three distributors to allow electronic commerce between themselves and newsagents)

Our Price: $ 500.00 (ex. GST)

Newsagency POS Software - XERO Accounting Link

By linking the core Newsagency POS Software to XERO Accounting you will save time by avoiding the need to manually re-enter data into XERO Accounting Software. You may also reduce your bookkeeping or accountancy costs, cut mistakes and generally make better business decisions.

Our Price: $ 500.00 (ex. GST)

Newsagency POS Software has twelve optional Software Add-ons to the core Point of Sale (POS) Software: Customer Accounts, EFTPOS Link, Lay-By, Manual Magazines In, Newspaper / Magazine Home Delivery, Officesmart, Stock Control, Subagents, Tabcorp Terminal Connect, Customer Management and Loyalty, Electronic Magazines (XchangeIT) & XERO Accounting Link.

The following Newsagency POS Software add-ons can be purchased "standalone" ie. they do not necessarily need the Point of Sale (POS) Software module:

  • Newspaper / Magazine Home Delivery
  • Subagents
  • Manual Magazines In
  • Electronic Magazines (XchangeIT)
  • Officesmart
  • Lay-By