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Cash Register ABM-920 Scale Combo - 110 Item Keyboard - (Fruit & Veg / Convenience Store)

Cash Register ABM-920 Scale Combo - 110 Item Keyboard - (Fruit & Veg / Convenience Store)

What's included in the "Cash Register ABM-920 Scale Combo" Deal?

  • ABM-920 Cash Register
  • POS Interface Scale - Countertop - 15kg
  • Connecting Interface Cable
  • Fair Trade Certification for the POS Interface Scale - Countertop
  • Free Initial Programming as detailed below

About the Cash Register

A compact, powerful and elegant looking cash register. The ABM-920 has a spill resistant flat keyboard with 110 product keys with two menu levels. Some of its other main features include: easy “drop & load” thermal printer, electronic journal, multi line operator display, customer rear display, up to 15000 product item memory, 200 tables, Accounts, manager functions and a lot more. Optional interface too: Scale, PC, Barcode Scanner, external 128 button keyboard, Kitchen Order Printer, Magnetic Card Reader. A feature rich cash register.

The ABM-920 Cash Register and Scale combo is ideal for convenience & grocery stores, health food and nut shops, fruit and vegetable stores etc. An optional barcode scanner can also be added.

  Cash Register ABM-920 Example Keyboard Layout

Main Features:

  • Receipt or Journal Roll. (Journal 'Take-Up Spool' Optional)
  • Receipt On/Off Button
  • Receipt after Sale Button
  • Customer Rear Display. (Pop-Up & Adjustable)
  • 110 Department Buttons
  • Rounding of Cash sales to the nearest 5 cents
  • GST or Non GST programming for each Department Button
  • GST Calculation
  • 99 Operator I.D Codes
  • Training Mode
  • Void Sale Mode via Key Control
  • X Reporting (Non Reset) for Part Day Reports
  • Z Reporting (Reset) for End of Day Reporting
  • Battery Memory Protection for Power Failure
  • Received on Account and Pay Out Functions
  • 3 Void Functions: Last Item, Previous Item and Previous Sale
  • Easy handling of combined Payments: Cash, Cheque and Credit Card
  • Non-Add item code entry. (Max. 8 digits)
  • Percentage Discount / Premium
  • Time and Date Display
  • Easy and quick programming
  • Graphic Logo Print on Customers Receipt
  • Restaurant / Cafe Table Tracking
  • Electronic Journal
  • Two Price Levels
  • Optional: 2nd Cash Drawer

Connectable / Optional Items via Serial Port:

About the POS Interface Scale - Countertop

When the POS Interface Scale is linked to a ABM-920 Cash Register via the communications port, item(s) are simply placed on the scale platter to weigh. The relevant product button on the Cash Register is pressed which transfers the weight for price calculation.

The scale can either be purchased with a weighing capacity of either 6, 15 or 30kg. An optional pole display is also available.

Main Features:

  • Heavy Duty
  • Tare Function (used for non-weighing of containers etc)
  • Built-in Customer Rear Display
  • Customer Pole Display (optional)
  • Platter Size: 304 (W) x 220 (D) mm
  • Platter Construction: Stainless Steel
  • Scale Dimensions: 330 (W) x 346 (D) x 107 (H) mm
  • Scale Dimensions - with optional Pole Display: 330 (W) x 384 (D) x 419 (H) mm
  • Weighing Capacity: 6kg (Max. Weight) with 0- 3kg at 1g increments then 3 - 6kg at 2g increments
  • Weighing Capacity: 15kg (Max. Weight) with 0- 6kg at 2g increments then 6 - 15kg at 5g increments
  • Weighing Capacity: 30kg (Max. Weight) with 0- 15kg at 5g increments then 15 - 30kg at 10g increments

Scale Certification:

A scale used in a retail environment must be inspected / certified prior to use. After which, a certification stamp is adhered to the scale. This ensures that the scale is correctly weighing items. This is required under consumer protection law. Access POS will organise this certification prior to delivering the scale to you.

FREE Product Entry & Support Included:

  • Initial product entry, general setup and support is included in the price. After your purchase, an Access POS representative will contact you to discuss the various programming options.
Part #: ABM920SCALE
Availability In Stock - Ships in 3 to 5 Days
Printer Type: Single Roll Alpha - Thermal
Paper Roll: 57x57mm Thermal
Cash Drawer Size: 4 Note / 8 Coin - Large
Category Buttons: 110
PLU Codes: 3000 (15000 with extra ram)
Operator Users: 99
Front Display: Dual Line Alpha & Numeric
Rear Display: Pop-up & Adustable
Serial Ports: Three
Dimensions: 400(W)x455(D)x305mm(H)
Logo on Receipt: Yes
GST Receipt: Yes
Keyboard Type: Flat Keyboard
Battery Operation: No
Our Price: $ 2,595.00 (ex. GST)
Quantity Price per item
2 Items $ 2,465.25
3+ Items $ 2,335.50
Weighing Capacity
Scale Pole Display
Barcode Scanner
Paper Rolls

Detailed images

Cash Register ABM-920 Scale Combo (Fruit & Veg / Convenience Store) Optional Countersunk Scale with Pole Display example keyboard cash register
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