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Aloha POS Software - Phone Order Caller I.D

Aloha POS Software - Phone Order Caller I.D

The Aloha POS "Phone Order Caller I.D" unit is an optional add-on to the Aloha POS Takeout & Home Delivery Software. It captures Caller I.D data on up to four phone lines which can then be transmitted to the Aloha POS Takeout & Delivery Software which in-turn allows for automatic recall of customer data and previous orders from the Aloha POS Software database.

The addition of the Aloha POS "Phone Order Caller I.D" unit allows your staff to efficiently and accurately process phone orders.

About Aloha POS Home Delivery Software

Aloha POS offers a fully featured home delivery module, enabling customer search by name, phone number, company or magnetic card from any terminal within the system. Each customer record contains; Names, addresses, phone numbers, birthdays, anniversaries, map references, delivery instructions as well as a full purchase history right down to what topping they had on their pizza. Orders are tracked from the order taker, then to the assigned driver, until payment is returned to your store.

The customer's previous order can be recalled at the POS saving valuable re-entry time. Dispatch and kitchen dockets contain your customers name, address, map references and special instructions to assist your drivers.

Purchasing Information

You can not purchase the Aloha POS - Phone Order Caller ID Add-on as "stand-alone" ie. You must already have purchased an Aloha POS Software license as well as the optional Takeout & Home Delivery Software license or you can purchase the Phone Order Caller ID Add-on at the same time as the core Aloha POS and Takeout & Home Delivery Software.

The quantity purchased would typically be only one unit per store.

Availability: In Stock - Ships in 5 to 8 Days
Our Price: $ 790.00 (ex. GST)

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Phone Order Caller I.D for Aloha POS Software
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