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Aloha POS Software - Guest Manager

Aloha POS Software - Guest Manager

Restaurant Management for Reservations - Waitlist - Table - Guest Tracking

Aloha POS Guest Manager provides an innovative solution for optimising the guest experience and maximising seat utilisation. Aloha POS Guest Manager provides the tools to intelligently track table status and reduce the time tables are left unseated, maximise seating efficiency and capture key guest information to provide personalised service.

Aloha POS Guest Manager provides reservation management, waitlist management, table management and guest tracking all with tight integration to the core Aloha POS Software.

Reservations Management

  • Definable reservation books by day of week and specific dates
  • Summary records for open slots to minimise host paging
  • Large party management requiring manager code
  • Enable moving or changing existing reservations with option to require manager code
  • Search reservations by guest
  • Guest check-in from reservation book or from waitlist
  • Capture guest preferences and information that is stored with guest record
  • Capture multiple phone numbers per guest

Waitlist Management

  • Track Walk-ins, Call-aheads and reservation guests waiting for tables
  • Indicate key guest attributes eg. VIP, 1st time guest etc
  • Capture pager # and integrate to paging transmitter (HME, Jtech, Microframe Boards)
  • Display guest info and requests
  • Pre-assign parties to tables
  • Sortable on-screen columns
  • Configurable list of preset requests and occasions
  • System generated intelligent wait quote based on waiting parties, upcoming reservations / call-aheads against table status and expected turn times
  • Optional seating chits will print to local printer when guest greeted and when guest is assigned table / seat

Table Management

  • Support for multiple floor zones ie. patio, bar area etc.
  • Colour coded table status on floor plan ie. Open, Sat, Dirty, Closed
  • Colour coded server stations / sections on table floor plan
  • Guest attributes indicated on table icon eg. VIP, 1st time guest etc
  • Suggested seating based on seating efficiency and server rotation
  • Join or split tables
  • Time sat timers with alert when party exceeds expected turn time
  • Pre-assigned party indicator on table
  • Romote table status update via POS terminal or handheld

Purchasing Information

You can not purchase the Aloha POS - Guest Manager Software Add-on as "stand-alone" ie. You must already have purchased an Aloha POS Software license or you can purchase the Guest Manager Software Add-on at the same time as the core Aloha POS Software product.

You only need to purchase a single license regardless of how many computers you have with the core Aloha POS Software as long as the computers form a single LAN (Local Area Network) / (Single Retail Store).

Software Support

The pricing below includes the first 12 months Software Support plus installation services and training. Training time is not limited as it is covered under the Software License & Support agreement. Software License & Support agreements are offered after the initial 12 months at the prevailing rate.

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Availability: In Stock - Ships in 3 to 5 Days
Our Price: $ 2,990.00 (ex. GST)

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