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Aloha POS Software Add-ons


Aloha POS Software - Customer Accounts
Aloha POS Customer Accounts module is an add-on to the core NCR Aloha POS Software. You can seamlessly charge sales through the Aloha POS to a customer account. The Customer Accounts module allows you to completely administer all aspects of your accounts receivable including: statements, payments, transaction audits, transaction reports and much more.

Our Price: $ 600.00 (ex. GST)

Aloha POS Software - Phone Order Caller I.D
The Aloha POS "Phone Order Caller I.D" unit is an optional add-on to the Aloha POS Takeout & Home Delivery Software. It captures Caller I.D data on up to four phone lines which can then be transmitted to the Aloha POS Takeout & Delivery Software which in-turn allows for automatic recall of customer data and previous orders from the Aloha POS Software database.

The addition of the Aloha POS "Phone Order Caller I.D" unit allows your staff to efficiently and accurately process phone orders.

Our Price: $ 790.00 (ex. GST)

Aloha POS Software - Takeout & Home Delivery
Aloha POS offers a comprehensive Takeout and Home Delivery Software add-on to the core Aloha POS Software. Takeout forms the foundation with Home Delivery as a further add-on.

Takeout: Aloha Takeout is engineered for any fast paced hospitality establishment, with tools to identify customers, access secured stored payment information and repeat previous orders quickly and accurately.

Home Delivery: As a further add-on to Aloha POS Takeout, a fully featured home delivery module; enabling customer search by name, phone number, company or magnetic card from any terminal within the system. Orders are tracked from the order taker, then to the assigned driver, until payment is returned to your store. Full customer delivery address and instructions are printed on food and / or beverage order printers.

Our Price: $ 1,500.00 (ex. GST)

Aloha POS Software - "QuickCount" Inventory Control
Aloha POS "QuickCount" offers you the simple inventory functions you need without the complexity and cost of a full-blown inventory system. Whether you need to keep track of items on a daily basis or just need a simple way to count, Aloha QuickCount makes it easy for you.

Our Price: $ 1,950.00 (ex. GST)

Aloha POS Software - Property Management System (PMS - Hotel Charge Posting)
From POS to PMS, Aloha provides the missing link. Transactions are seamlessly posted to the property management system and daily charge reports are created for simple tracking by hotel accounting personnel. The Aloha PMS interface offers the following features: guest room validation status, verification of room assignments, auto posting in real time, complete audit trail, powerful reporting capabilities, guest status inquiry / charge posting from front or back of house, direct billing to individual or company addresses, customised guest checks and much more.

Our Price: $ 1,950.00 (ex. GST)

Aloha POS Software - Kitchen Video Order Screens
Aloha POS offers a comprehensive Kitchen Video ordering system that streamlines orders from the counter or drive-thru to your prep areas that will undoubtedly increase the speed, accuracy and quality of service you provide to your customers.

The Aloha POS Kitchen Video system offers the following features: customisable screen layouts, consolidation of ordered items for quick order filling, video re-routing, bump orders out of sequence, different colours indicate order status, "group" set up capability so items can be seen at multiple locations, no stationary costs and lots more.

Our Price: $ 2,490.00 (ex. GST)
Quantity Price per item
2 Items $ 1,990.00
3 Items $ 1,690.00
4+ Items $ 1,590.00

Aloha POS Software - Guest Manager
Restaurant Management for Reservations - Waitlist - Table - Guest Tracking

Aloha POS Guest Manager provides an innovative solution for optimising the guest experience and maximising seat utilisation. Aloha POS Guest Manager provides the tools to intelligently track table status and reduce the time tables are left unseated, maximise seating efficiency and capture key guest information to provide personalised service.

Aloha POS Guest Manager provides reservation management, waitlist management, table management and guest tracking all with tight integration to the core Aloha POS Software.

Our Price: $ 2,990.00 (ex. GST)

Aloha POS Software has six optional Software Add-ons: EFTPOS Terminal Integration, "Quick Count" - Inventory Control, Property Management System (PMS - Hotel Charge Posting) Interface, Customer Loyalty / Home Delivery, Guest Manager & Kitchen Video Order Screens. Aloha POS Software add-ons require the core Aloha POS Software. ie. they can not be purchased as standalone.

You only need to purchase a single license regardless of how many POS terminals you have with the core Aloha POS Software, as long as the POS terminals form a single LAN (Local Area Network) / (Single Retail Store) with the exception of the Kitchen Video & EFTPOS Link add-ons, where the quantity purchased would equal the number of kitchen / order screens and the number of EFTPOS software licenses required needs to equal the number of POS licensed.